Magalasi/Nyambadwe road is a DEATH TRAP!

By Tawonga Phiri

This newly built road from Blantyre Clock tower going through Nyambadwe towards chileka is the worst and most dangerous road in Malawi.

Few days ago,a truck overturned.

Not a single day goes by without an accident on it.

It was just built ,perhaps another money making scam with no consideration of its practicality or public safety .

The road with these huge trucks of today is too narrow,remember they even tried to widened it by about six inches or so at a cost of millions of kwacha ,one wonders what sort of Road planning Authority would allow such road expansion?

Which will not be redone for another 20 years or so , yet to save costs and make it more dangerous the side palmets have gaps in between so if you go off the road even an inch or two your front wheel get caught in the gap and you can’t come back onto the road and you front suspension is gone and you have a major accident .

Today, a tanker overturned as well.

During it’s construction no care or considerations of the road users was taken into account ,no
Warning of any Road construction signs were put up and debris were left in the middle of the road and you suddenly drive into the yellow plastic two meter road blocks .

Such a bad road planning and carelessness and disrespect for safety can only happen in Malawi under the dynamic leadership of former president Mutharika.

Don’t Malawian lives matter?

This road is just too narrow
Can two trucks, one with a
Low loader with blades sticking out pass each other without colliding? What about cyclists or pedestrians? We have witnessed many accidents of school children being hit left and right.

May the new leadership at Ministry of Transport take into consideration these observations.

Thank you in advance.

Yamikani Kachingwe

Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe is a Malawian with great interest in current affairs, news and storytelling. Over the years, he has established himself as a a great source of news, a private investigator of issues and whistle blower using various social media platforms.

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