Factory Owners to strike: Millions of Kwachas to be lost in production!

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Industries in Chirimba Industrial Area and around Blantyre are in the process of closing down their production for a day as they protest the continued false legal claims of injuries that are said to be happening in the workshops.

However departmental investigations have identified these claims as coming from incidences in almost all cases, self inflicted ,instigated and encouraged by some unscrupulous lawyers based in Blantyre.

The Strike is on! If no attention is given to this matter.

The Defendants are dragged to Zomba where they have complying Magistrates ,instead of
Blantyre where all parties are based , and the outcome is always in favour of the Plaintiff.
The plaintiffs are awarded millions of kwachas for a minor superficial top skin cut and
The lawyer takes 60 to 70
Percent of the awarded money in legal fees, further to this the balance is paid very late or not at all.

The claims fraud is so prevelant
That the industries can no longer cope .

The syndicate is so refined that to their bill are doctors from central hospital, where they are known to issue false medical assessments and even some defense lawyers are thought to be part of the syndicate .

The said corrupt practice is so lucrative that one or two of these law firms have nothing else but attend to these fraudulent claims with an income in millions .

The industry claims that no one hears their complaints .

The new government must
Step in and stop these corrupt lawyers and have their Tax Returns investigated by MRA if they want to encourage industrial investment in this country which the Tonse Government is fighting for.

The urgency to help our industries from these corrupt syndicate and restore confidence in industrial investment and the Malawi economy can not be over emphasized.

Finally one wonders why insurance companies who must be loosing millions to these fraudelent claims have been paying out with no alarm.

Yamikani Kachingwe

Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe is a Malawian with great interest in current affairs, news and storytelling. Over the years, he has established himself as a a great source of news, a private investigator of issues and whistle blower using various social media platforms.

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