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By Lyson Sibande

Walk with me and pay attention

Against what some, if not many of you think, DPP is a party on decline while MCP is the party on the rise. Though DPP has been winning all the past elections from 2009, the party has been falling and I have great doubts about the party’s capability to win any election beyond the 2019 elections. On the other hand, while MCP has been losing elections, it has been very steady and managed to gather remarkable momentum between 2014 and the 2019 elections. As a result, I have confidence that MCP is capable of winning any election after the 2019 loss.

I knew that many of you would not believe this and a few others would want to disagree and throw some insults. As a result, I have decided to use little words and explain myself using a graph so that if you want to disagree, just draw your own graph and interpret it your way to prove me wrong.

The Elections graph below shows the comparative performance between MCP and DPP from 2004. Now, I am very aware that Bingu wa Mutharika formed DPP in January 2005. However, I have included the 2004 Election as the baseline performance for DPP because that’s the material origin of the Mutharika dynastic rule and the DPP.

Graph illustrating the scope of votes.

And it is only when we start from Bingu’s 35% victory during the 2004 elections that we see clearly the picture of the surprising sharp rise of DPP to unprecedented political success which gave DPP a 65% victory in 2009 Elections. But the sharp rise follows a surprising sharp decline as the party nosedive to almost the same previous low level of 2004; they struggle and win 2014 elections with 36%. The graph clearly shows that DPP has never survived the fall as you can see the line between 2014 and 2019 is nearly flat.

On the other hand, MCP has been maintaining its grip and remained steady in the face of DPP’s fluctuations. As the graph shows, MCP has never dropped or lost percentages, instead it has been maintaining the same 28%. And while DPP has struggled from 2014, MCP has actually risen with 8%. And as you as can see, in 2019, the line of MCP nearly touched DPP. DPP ‘s line only escaped with a legally disputable 2%. Therefore, we can expect that in the next elections, regardless of when they can be held, the line of MCP will cross DPP’s line and that will be the victory of MCP.

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Yamikani Kachingwe

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