My first words to the newly elected president of Malawi,His Excellency Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera.

Good day your Excellency,

Congratulations are in order and it is well deserved, a profound victory it is.

His Excellency Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera-President of Malawi.

I hereby extend my heartfelt adoration to you and the entire team of Tonse Alliance who fought vigorously for the plight of Malawians who were longing for change.And,indeed God Almighty is always merciful and gracious with our nation and everything therein.

First and foremost,I would like to strongly emphasize the obvious fact,Malawians are the ones who have employed you to be their leader,father and president not Tonse Alliance.

Leaders of Tonse Alliance at the signing ceremony of Mcp and Utm Electoral partnership

The Government you be leading belongs to Malawians not Mcp or Utm or PP or other.

The Government you be leading was given to you by Malawians of different age,gender,tribes,race and some of them belong to other political parties, nevertheless there are all Malawians under your administration.

You have defeated the Alliance of Democratic Progressive Party and United Democratic Front Party not because of your might or wisdom or strength,so on and so forth.I REPEAT it is by the votes of Malawians,whom are expecting a lot from you and your team;in view of your campaign promises.

These are some of the people who voted for you,the Elderly they were ferried from the homes to cast their votes just for you.

I for one,Am certain that nothing much can be realized and attained this year,as you will need almost 2 years to get the nation moving before other big promises are implemented.Which is understandble,fair and square.

You and your team are not magicians and it is only empathetic and patriotic to give you the benefit of doubt(period of 2 years) to see how far you will go in implementing your manifesto.

As a political analyst,these are my few OBSERVATIONS and SUGGESTIONS.

As we are saying this is a new dawn for Malawi and indeed a better Malawi is here.


Our constitution leaves a lot to be desired,honestly it needs to be revised in the long run.

Nevertheless, the most important thing to do now before everything is to amend some areas via parliament that will enable you to have an effective and perfect working system.

For instance;

-The office of the vice president

State Vice President of Malawi,Right Honourable Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima.

I request on behalf of all noble Malawians that you may wish to transfer some authoritative and appointing powers to this office,this will allow your government to have solid leadership of transparency and accountability.

-The offices of Law and Governance Bodies.

There is a massive need for some offices to be sorely independent and made to work freely without any political interferences and disturbances for them to effectively execute their respective duties and responsibilities.

E.g Office of ombudsman/lady, Director of Public Persecution, Anti Corruption Bureau and other related offices.

Amend,the constitution in this regards please!


-Avoid any unnecessary witch hunt targeting those affiliated to Dpp and Udf.

Only those who were/are in the wrong,must face the music.

-It’s not all Dpp appointees in senior govt positions who were/are corrupt or ill informed,therefore when making new appointments take this fact into consideration.

-As you said “you will not work with recycled politicians,please be determined to break few hearts by only appointing those with amicable reputation and good perfomace in their respective fields,not entirely due to their loyalty or affiliations to Tonse Alliance.


You may wish to know that some of your die-hards,loyalists have arleady started enticing people to see those with affiliations to DPP/UDF Alliance as enemies of the state.

These are your promises coined as the “High 5”

They have gone to town blacklisting others “never to be considered for anything in Malawi again”.

Sir, are they not citizens of Malawi too to enjoy the constitutional rights of association and expression?.

As you are their defender,please on your inauguration ceremony speech,highlight this fact with utmost importance and keenest interest.

(c) Set up a reliable source of Intelligence and information

Apart from having your inner circle and other Govt departments in regards to information,communication and intelligence.

You should immediately identify different individuals who are well informed,inspired,patriotic and good hearted.

These people should serve as your mirror,they should be in a position to tell you facts upon facts regardless it’s not what you want to hear,these people should be fearless and ruthless with their honesty.

Mukatelo zikuthandizani kuti upuluzudenti usakuzunguzeni mutu kuyamba kuziwona ngati ndinu Mulungu.


I have so much to ask,tell,request and to appeal for.
Time is of essence.

For now this is my REQUEST on behalf of all MALAWI HOUSING CORPORATION’S TENANTS.

I would extremely be delighted if your government could consider funding MHC to identify and allocate new plots sites where they should build double storey flats and bungalow villages targeting different sectors of people based on their sources of income.

I have personally outlined,illustrated and designed model villages for MHC(if you wish I can provide fine details).

And most importantly,MHC should now consider to adopt the policy of “RENT TO BUY”

Every Tenant who has rented any of their houses for more than 20 years should now be given the privilege of paying the rent fee as their bond/mortgage for a certain period until the value of the house is realized by MHC.

Ndalama zomwe amalipira ngati monthly rent isanduke ndalama yoti akugula nyumbayo until value yomwe a housing anayika panyumbapo itakwana.

MHC will use the rental fees to build in other areas and the same chain of policy will continue to run.

And,please revise as well the architectural designs for the planned construction of 250 Schools,in which the past regime was to embark on with funding from USAID. We need to redesign into double storey schools(I have the fine details of this also at your request I may send).

May God bless you with wisdom and utmost passion for our nation.

God bless our nation and keep it a land of peace and prosperity.

I submit on behalf of all Malawians.

Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe

Yamikani Kachingwe

Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe is a Malawian with great interest in current affairs, news and storytelling. Over the years, he has established himself as a a great source of news, a private investigator of issues and whistle blower using various social media platforms.

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