Muslim World League organization donates food parcels to needy Malawians

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The Muslim World League,an international nonprofit organization that believes in helping mankind through different and various charitable activities worldwide.It has several representatives in all continents.

An international nonprofit organization that is changing the world,nation and lives.

As it has been the case in the past and it continues today to help the needy,elderly,vulnerable and less privileged people with food stuffs,medical supplies and equipments and as well runs public awareness on issues of national importance.

The MWL has donated Relief Materials to Malawi in a form of food packs,this donation forms part of a total of approximately 200,000usd of maize flour being donated countrywide.

The Road to Relief organization is spearheading the initiative under a theme called “2020 Ramadhan Pack Campaign”.

The food parcels have been distributed among the poor and less privileged families in the southern region of Malawi.

A food parcel has essentials to feed a family of four for a minimum of 10 days and in normal circumstances for a month.

3,000 food parcels were distributed and more than 12,000 people have been empowered to defeat hunger for more than two weeks.

Different Representatives in respective communities pioneered the distribution via traditional authorities and stakeholders per village.

Among the beneficiaries,was the selfless group called Mai Aisha Sisters and Youth Aids programme(MASYAP) based in Limbe,it provides support to women and youths living or affected by Hiv/Aids.The organization received 400 packs to share among the orphans,widows,widowers and the sick.

“This help is timely not only as it is the festive season of Ramadhan but most importantly as we are facing financial crisis due to Coronavirus Pandemic.We want to appreciate MWL and their partners for remembering us and equipping us during these difficult times.” Doreen Mambo said.

Madam Mambo is the team leader of Masyap.she further appreciated the efforts of MWL,”Lastly,on behalf of all beneficiaries and organisations who have being benefiting from this organization for the past years.Special recognition goes to MWL Secretary General
Hon Dr. Mohammed bin Abdulkarim Al Issa
For His support for many years with many humanitarian projects including relief, poverty alleviation and boreholes. We welcome the timing of this donation which will be used to help the most vulnerable in our country during the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic.”

This is just one of the many programmes MWL is sponsoring in Malawi. Last year for example, they launched a 1.5bn kwacha orphanage programme,and they have donated 200m kwacha in food aid at the end of last year, and have also been drilling boreholes across the country.

The Government of Malawi,through the Ministry of Disaster Management Affairs and Public Events has been appealing to citizens of good will and organizations to come through with various contributions and donations to the nation and communities at large in hope of alleviating the many challenges.Most Malawians live hand to mouth,and.Most sources of income have been affected due to some restrictions and precautions in place preventing more spread and infections of Covid-19.

More food packs were distributed through mosques and other community centres, who identified the
vulnerable families in their area, as follows:

-500 packs to Kukada Mulanje, Phalombe and Chiradzulu.

-204 packs to Mariam Masjid in Chiradzulu District.

-204 pack to Osman Issa Masjid at Goliati,Thyolo District

-100 packs to Chata Mosque Kameza.

-200 packs to Balaka Masjid.

-200 packs to Fatima MalaikaCentre, Ntcheu

-200 packs to Footprints Ya Amama, Mulanje.

-180 packs to Noor Ul Khudaya, Zomba.

-300 packs to Makande prison.

-400 packs to Mai Aisha Sisters and Youth AIDS project in Limbe.

-150 packs to Salima Dar ul Uloom and surrounding areas.

-100 packs to Mwamadi Ladies Madressa, Zomba.

-50 packs to Mkwela Masjid, Ndirande.

-30 packs to Njambe and Maketa orphanages.

-182 packs to Khaleedena orphanage in Chileka.

Current Affairs Malawi Team wishes to applaud the leadership and partners of Muslim Worldwide League,on behalf of Malawians for their unending support to the entire Nation in various efforts of poverty alleviation,access to safe and portable water,just to mention a few.

Yamikani Kachingwe

Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe is a Malawian with great interest in current affairs, news and storytelling. Over the years, he has established himself as a a great source of news, a private investigator of issues and whistle blower using various social media platforms.

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