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The Thom Mpinganjira case has become one of the astonishing legal battles in the history of Malawi.

Group Ceo Dr Thom Mpinganjira

The Group Chief Executive officer of Fdh Holdings Limited is alleged suspect to have attempted to bribe the five judges hearing the 21st May 2019 Presidential Election case at Constitutional Court.

The amusing part is how the events are unfolding.

Two days ago it was revealed through a leaked recorded voicenote,in which a senior member of DPP’S Governing National Council was explaining in details,to what led the arrest of the CEO.

She said ” Thom Mpinganjira is being unfairly targeted,as he was not physically involved in the bribery but it’s Hon.Brown Mpinganjira,who engineered the whole incident,he is the one to be arrested,it’s him who took money(K100 Million) from Thom to give to the judges and he came back to Thom with a lie,citing the judges have said the amount is too small,he should add more millions,which alerted Thom to enquire by himself from the judges if it was true,that’s how Thom was implicated in this whole saga”

Hon.Brown Mpinganjira

Just to freshen your memory or help you to understand this perfectly.

Thom and Brown are biological cousins. And the biological son to Brown is Hon Chipiliro Mpinganjira Mp for Blantyre Central Constituency and he is the current deputy minister of defence. Chipiliro is a nephew to Thom.

Minister Chipiliro Mpinganjira

Thom and Brown both of them work in the government,Thom is the incumbent chairperson of Escom whereas Brown is the chairperson of National Roads Authority.

The 3 Mpinganjiras are part and parcel of Malawi govt.

A shocker occured on the midnight of 22nd January 2020. When it was reported the warrant of arrest for Dr Thom Mpinganjira has been quashed by a principle resident magistrate Benedicto Chitsakamire of Zomba Magistrate court at 12:05 am.

A reputable investigative reporter Golden Matonga of Nation Publication Limited tweeted what the ACB Reyneck
Matemba has said after hearing the matter and these were his words “This is disgusting. Abuse of court process. It exposes how rotten the judiciary is.He went on to say,he was phoned to be served with court orders from Zomba Magistrate Court at 12.05 midnight by Mr Chipiliro Mpinganjira, one of the lawyers representing Thom Mpinganjira”.

This revelation of a minister and nephew declaring himself as part of the team of defense counsels is illogical and pure conflict of interest.

This is a govt crisis; Chipiliro is being paid as a mp;serving his constituents and being paid to uphold the constitution of Malawi and Malawians as a minister of defence is now representing a private citizen in a case against the state.

Our reporter contacted the honorable minister and he replied “I am also just reading from online outlets that I told Reyneck that.

I am not my uncle’s lawyer. His lawyer is Patrice Nkhono. However, Ritz Attorneys handled last evening’s application”.

Malawians are appealing to all relavant governing legal bodies to intervene and interpret to the nation,what this crisis entails.

Yamikani Kachingwe

Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe is a Malawian with great interest in current affairs, news and storytelling. Over the years, he has established himself as a a great source of news, a private investigator of issues and whistle blower using various social media platforms.


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