The Asian Business Community of Blantyre’s COVID 19 Task Force has donated 100 Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) to Blantyre DHO.

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As Malawi is in dire need of medical and financial assistance in it’s fight against Coronavirus Pandemic.

Numerous Nonprofit organizations and individuals are pouring in their selfless efforts and support.

Among them is the Asian Business Community Covid19 Taskforce based in Blantyre.The group comprises of different key players heading different businesses and institutions.

Official Recognition of receipt from DHO

So far Blantyre has 4 active positive cases of Covid19 and 1 death was registered few days ago.

There is a loud cry of assistance and a shocking demand of medical supplies:and,also a cry for fully equipped quarantine centers well furnished with appropriate medical equipments.

Such PPE dearly needed in our hospitals.

The Medical Doctors Union have been pleading with all good citizens of good will to come through with any medical help in order for them to do their work professionally and accurately otherwise they may need to boycott duty in fear of Covid19 infections or further spreads.

That’s how the ABC Taskforce came in.

They have donated 50 extra large PPE and 50 large PPE to Blantyre District Hospital Office.The itmes are worth K757,500.00.

This will help the medical personnel to do their job effectively and efficiently without any reserved concerns.

ABC Covid19 Taskforce has promised further to establish a 60 bedsitter-quarantine center in Blantyre;with all appropriate medical equipments and essentials.

The grouping is working hand in hand with relavant authorities and shortly they will launch their roadmap to guide us the way forward.

For more Information, Enquiries,Media and PR, as well as any Donations:please contact responsible persons below.

Dr Parth Patel +265888336600

Mr Abbas Panjwani +265888826666

Yamikani Kachingwe

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