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On the left His Worship Late Sattar Sacranie Sc welcoming Emperor Hailee Selassie and Late Ngwazi Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda in Blantyre on 2nd August 1965.

We murmur,hate and hastily run with half baked conclusions due to lack of knowledge of our historical facts.
Both of us,black skinned Malawians and Asians specifically Indians,we were misinformed and wrongly taught in schools,the history lessons they gave us were nothing but a SHAM.
They created them,for the purpose of caressing some politician’s egos.
We have been lied to,facts were misrepresented.Not good at all.
We have come a long way as a nation and collectively as unified people we have built the nation.
Our late forefathers knew the importance of depending on one another and the rewards of working in unity and love.
Late Ngwazi Dr Hkb had it’s first INDIAN speaker of parliament Late Hon Ishmael.K. Surtee MP and who also served as his personal advisor.
His cabinet had two or one white minister(name forgotten
His personal legal advisor was Senior Counsel Savjani.

Middle row from left: N. M. Survana, W. R. Riddock, Larji Kulji (of the famous Larji Kulji Building) , H.W. Stevens, Abdul Sattar Sacranie… of Sacranie and Gow (Mayor in 1964 till 1966), R.G Grant, P.T Patel

Late Worship Sattar Sacranie SC of the law firm “Sacranie Gow” was actually the original legal advisor to Kamuzu.He supported Dr.Banda in the struggle of independence and participated in the Lancaster House Conference that paved the way way for our independence.He went on to become the first post independence Indian Mayor of Blantyre.He took a lead role in the formation of institutions such as Admarc,which was supposed to serve as a vehicle for economic development and a social safety net.
And Kamuzu’s best friend,an Englishman “Tinny Rowland” the mogul and investor in “LONHRO EMPIRE” who brought many companies in Malawi.
Entreprenuer Krishna Achutan[sp] married a black skinned Malawian woman “Mbumba Banda” daughter to late Aleke Banda. It is believed their union was the first registered Interracial Marriage in Malawi,between a Malawian of Indian origin and an indigenous woman.

Mr Krishna Achutan.

Formal and traditional respects were followed,
They had traditional and white wedding and the marriage was officially registered at govt office.
Unfortunately, Late Aleke was still in detention and Kamuzu was aware of the wedding ceremony.
Mr Achutan was interviewed by a BBC correspondent,in between the interview he appealed to Kamuzu to release Aleke,wh was in detention for 12 years with no fair trial.
Miss Mbumba Banda,daughter to Aleke Banda

Just after the interview, he was arrested and both him and Aleke were released in 1994.
Fast forward to Democratic era.
Former President Dr Bakili Muluzi gave equal rights and opportunities to all people in Malawi,regardless their skin color.And this gave room and open many doors for others to participate in politics and governance issue till to date.
Some of the famous people with Asian lineage are and were;
Human Rights Activist Mr Rafik Hajat.Among the founding fathers of UDF,He was in the shadow cabinet after the referendum in 1993,he was promoted to the National Executive Committee in1995.
He facilitated the launch of Transparency International in 1995 and actively participated in the constitutional conference that shaped our National constitution.And actually single handedly registered the logo and colors of Udf party in the name of the National Executive committee at personal cost.
And more notable names who served in different capacities;
Late Hon Bob Khamisa,Late Hon Harry Thompson,Late Hon Lambert,Hon Rolph Patel,Hon Lilian Patel,Hon Iqbal Omar,Hon Sidik Mia,Hon JJ Sonke,Hon Roy Commsy,Hon Angela Kachepa Muluzi(wife to Hon Atupele Muluzi),Hon Salim Bagus.
And later we have had Hon.Yunus Mussa,Hon Ralph Jooma,Hon Babu and Gabu Khamisa(both are sons to late Bob Khamisa),Hon.Halima Daudi,Hon.Sameer Suleman,Hon David Bisnowaty,Hon Nasrine Pillane,Hon Abidi Mia and many others.
I feel it’s time we embrace one another.
We are one people of a great nation “Malawi”.
Together we stand,divided we fall.
T.E.A.M together everyone achieve more.
All fingers are not equal.
Where am weaker,you are strong and where am stronger,you are weak.
I see no reason,stopping us from coming together to work for the good of our future generations.


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