South Africa hit badly with Covid19 Cases.

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As the global village continues to be shaken with the deadly coronavirus, the Republic of South Africa has confirmed an increase of 38 COVID-19 cases in the last twenty-four (24),hours.

According to the minister of health, Dr Zwelini Mkhize said;the number of those confirmed to have been infected is still on the sharp rise with most of the victims having a vacation history to countries that have been hit by the pandemic.

In a press release Minister Mkhize released on Saturday morning The Eastern Cape has confirmed the first case of a 28 year old female who had traveled to Germany.
“Most of the cases in our rainbow nation are those who traveled to either United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), Germany, Switzerland, France and Ethiopia,” Reads the press release.

Out of the total 240 cases confirmed in Gauteng (16) KwaZulu-Natal (3) Eastern Cape (1) and Western Cape (18) the most cases are those in the age group of 31-40 who are 63 in total seconded by those in the 51-60 age group who are 57 in total.

The report further recorded that out of the 240 on confirmed cases 148 are males while 92 are female which contradicts reports from other quarters that COVID-19 is attacking more females than males who are very old and have a weak immune system.
With these latest figures, South Africa is the most infected country with the pandemic in the Southern African Development Community (Sadc)
And in a related development in Malawi, the department of Immigration is set to challenge the order given by the controversial Judge Kenyatta Nyirenda in which the court instructed the Immigration officials to release them from quarantine and allowed 4 Chinese nationals to roam freely in the country despite risks of coronavirus.

The director of the department, Imedi, confirmed this in the capital city, Lilongwe today during a meeting with various government agencies who are mapping the way forward on how to tackle the virus.

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