122 Stranded Indians in Malawi repatriated to India.

As the world is in extreme crisis due to the Coronavirus Pandemic,that has led to many borders being closed for almost three months in their efforts to curb the spread and the infections of the virus.

Returnees embarking on the plane

People from all walks of life have been stranded in various countries.

So it was with Citizens from India in Malawi.

The Indian Commissioner being interviewed

The high Commission of India office in Lilongwe,started making arrangements with their counterparts to ferry them back home.

The Indian Commissioner briefing the returnees and wishing them well on their journey back home

On 11th June 2020,122 Indians were evacuated.Including 8 women and a child.

They used Ethiopian Airways and departed from Kamuzu International Airport at 15H00 and they will disembark at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai,midnight.

Mr Imtiazberg Mirza(Committee member of Indian Muslim Community in Malawi) was among the organizers working hand in hand with the India high Commission,he shared his excitement with us.

“We are very much thankful to High Commission of India Office in Malawi, Malawi Government , Our beloved Community Members & Satguru Travels for assisting us all the way through unconditionaly;to make this mission successful and managed to evacuate 122 stranded Indian Citizens.”

High Commissioner of India(centre) and Mr Mirza(right).

He went further to notify the nation,

“We are also delighted to announce and acknowledge that 180 stranded Malawians are also coming back to Malawi by 12th June(today) using the same return flight from Mumbai to Lilongwe. The High Commission of Malawi in India has assisted us to get approval from India Government and we appreciate for their wonderful coordination and cooperation.”

We at Current Affairs Malawi team pray,all should go well according to plan,and May Allah grant us mercy for our safety and protection during this difficult and perilous situation we are in due to Covid-19 Pandemic.



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