Nyasatimes retracts DPP’s fabricated article of campaign of calumny against Simbi Phiri and Khato Civils.

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Nyasatimes a renowned and reputable Malawian newsonline has come in the open to apologize to the public,Simbi Phiri and Khato Civils for publicizing a false and misleading story about Phiri and Khato Civils.

Part of the apology published on Nyasatimes
Through their Managing Director,Pastor Edgar Chibaka,they rendered their sincere apology.
Pastor Edgar Chibaka-MD of Nyasatimes
And,he confessed the article was and is just nothing but fabricated lies by DPP’S operatives who misled their reporter.
Confession by Nyasatimes that; indeed there are some senior Dpp officials fighting Simbi.Very sad what these guys are up to and it is no good!
It is a humbling thought to note the whole governing party,would stoop so low to run campaigns of propaganda towards a patriotic,philanthropist Malawian who is saving,changing millions of lives all over the world including less privileged people in Malawi.
A hospital and road in Mchinji funded by Simbi
Outstanding Business Tycoon Simbi Phiri,hails from Mchinji,the central region of Malawi,he owns a conglomerate of real estate,companies under the banner of Khato Civils based in South Africa.
300 Motorbikes donated to Malawi Police Station,courtesy of Phiri
He has huge road and water development contracts with most countries in Africa,some of them have arleady being accomplished and some are underway.
He spent R21 Million to built more than 150 houses,self contained with solar energy,safe water and donated them to communities in Mchinji.
Phiri has been known as a man with soft hands,his genuine love for his brothers and sisters in Malawi,has seen him,helping many regardless of their political affiliations,tribal lines,gender or age.His main goal is to solve problems in Malawi,as long as he remains in a capacity to do so.
A primary school in Lilongwe,he donated to the community
He has built numerous police stations countrywide and furnished them with all necessities plus donations of several motorcycles and cars for safe and easy locomotion of the police officers.
More than 50 pick ups he donated to the Police Headquarters at Area 30 in Lilongwe
He has built schools,houses,clinics,roads and many more infrastructures worth in Millions in Us dollars and donated them to different communities.Police Station courtesy of Simbi PhiriFormer late I.G Kachama receiving stationery from Phiri family few years backAs if all these selfless and kind gestures to the nation are nothing but a song for the ruling party.
A clinic donated by Khato Civils
It’s when some senior ministers have sworn to destroy the reputation of this good man in our midst.It is demoralizing and unpleasant for a sitting president to allow his juniors to attack and frustrate efforts of such exemplary people in our midst.
Free,Portable water to all communities in Mchinji,all these by Phiri
It’s time the president of Malawi,His Excellency Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika intervenes and resolve this sad matter,before his juniors brings more damage and public backlash upon his administration.Malawi Voice and Malawi Independent newsonline are DPP funded sites and they’re used for propaganda,character assasination and name calling.This is bad instead of promoting the development projects done by DPP but they chose to peddle lies and insults to citizens of good will.

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