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A sigh of relief to Malawians who love the sport of muscle building and weightlifting.

Weightlifting and bodybuilding association of Malawi(WABAM) has elected a new committee.

The new Executive Committee

The event was held earlier today at Blantyre Youth Centre.And,the elections were presided by Ruth Mzengo from Malawi National council of Sports.

Part of audience

Below is the newly elected Executive Committee:

President:Dr Arox Kamngona

Vice president:Bright Limani

General secretary:Deborah kumbatira

Vice General secretary:Kelvin Tambala

Treasurer :Harold mwayangana

Vice treasurer:Mohammed Ajussa

The committee has a four year mandate.

Mr Malawi of 2017

The Association began in 2008,so far it has been promoting bodybuilding and weightlifting in Malawi.

Malawi Athletes participated at an International event in 2018

It also stages annually event themed as “Mr Malawi Bodybuilding”

The association it champions a campaign of awareness on healthy diet,fitness trends and wellness programs.

Delegates from Malawi National Council of sports

Through this initiative,Numerous Athletes have travelled beyond Malawi borders courtesy of Wabam.

Mr Malawi of 2016

This is interesting and we have been notified this year,they will engage more females to participate inorder to curb the norm,that suggest such sport is only for males.

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