Mutharika must take retirement option seriously!

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“Leaders do not impose their views or ideas. A leader lets his or her team to have a voice and use that voice to accomplish the final goal,” so said one Jennifer Carrazo.

Well, this is perhaps what Malawi’s recent past Head of State Peter Mutharika who is also leader of the Democratic Progressive Party is lacking.
Though he is lacking this knowledge, I would still ask Mutharika why he is imposing his wishes on people (a few remaining DPP sympathizers) on who should lead the opposition in Parliament? Is it not a known fact that Majority of DPP supporters are behind Kondwani Nankhumwa to lead the opposition and ofcourse the party not later as Mutharika wants it but even from the date he (Mutharika) was booted out of state house through the ballot?

Bwana anthu who you claim to lead from the party you ignorantly lead to a decline wants Nankhumwa to lead……

Period, do not impose your views on them, let them decide their destiny.

I for one was expected that you will throw in the towel from politics the moment you were declared a loser, yes a loser because there is no way you will come back to claim that seat not even an attempt to revenge. Your political days are dead. I feel for the DPP, mwawaonongera ana chipani.

For Christ sake why did you stand for presidency in 2019? Was it not a good time you could have kissed goodbye? If you did I am sure the DPP could have been in government by now.

In almost all your political speeches you were saying never shall you give room for the MCP to get in government under your watch. You could even add, “Over my dead body”. Was that not a feeling that you are bigger that anyone? Malawians and the DPP…

How do you feel now that just under your nose the MCP you thought fears you managed to oust you? You cannot say you are enjoying the retirement Sir, no, not the retirement you are forced into.

Bwana Mutharika you literally failed to protect the DPP from the jaws of angry Malawians most of them loved the party but failed to accept you as their leader. You now want to finish the party by making your own decisions for millions of supporters. Let me believe you are not thinking you are the party’s god.

Don’t be the party’s M’bona Sir. Accept that your political career is dead and rotten.

Yes Nankhumwa could not be as sharp as others in the party, I have Bright Msaka in mind though he is not so bright and popular politically indeed but not Chaponda, no Malawian wants to hear that name again, have you forgotten so soon?

I hear you appointed Francis Kasaila for leader of opposition…you are a big joke…..of course I know you don’t have options because you are putting your ego in front of everything but we have mau pachichewa, “Mbewa zikatha amanona ndi aswiswiri” Swiswiri wanu akhale Nankhumwayi bwa?

As per the wishes of most on the people in the party…ali ndi chikoka in the party, Chikoka which even the brightest Msaka doesn’t have.

I for one was expecting that after that embarrassing defeat you will keep your face out of politics so you can save the remaining parts of your image that are not tarnished …if at all. So it was time to start putting the house in order, letting others lead enroute to 2025 but I hear you are holding on until your mandate expires, are you not convinced you have finished this party enough? Moreover did you even gloom a successor?

We know for sure the Chimulirenji project goofed from that round about day but did you gloom your own? Is it the Kasaila you are appointing now?

Now is the time for the DPP to start rebuilding so that it can win again when this Tonse Government starts stinking and gets boring…they have started already. Why are you dividing rather than uniting the party, if you are not part of Akuluakulu ndi mdambo modzimila moto, inu ndiye ndi akuluakulu ake ati?

Bwana you should call these people, the Nankhumwas, the Msakas and all those youth okonda chipani, apologise to them for ruining their party…

Leave the party to and for them to lead and rebuild because truth be told…your hands are leaking, they no longer hold the future of the party…try to fix this your mess, unite anthu mwawayambanitsawa and let them while you enjoy the breeze of Lake Malawi.

Chipani mwapha kalechi chitha kudzuka ndi manja ena, inu mukachikakamila chiola, chisiyeni for the sake of Democracy.

Learn to respect the will of the people, siawa asankhanso Nakhumwa yemweyo. Ahhhh.

Please Napapata.

Vwa 100%

Yamikani Kachingwe

Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe is a Malawian with great interest in current affairs, news and storytelling. Over the years, he has established himself as a a great source of news, a private investigator of issues and whistle blower using various social media platforms.

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