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It has come down to poor preparation promotes pathetic perfomance.

Malawians have taken the matter to social media to display their dissasitification towards President Mutharika’s response to a question asked by Helen Grant “what is your priority on unlocking trade in Malawi?”. And which proved difficult for the president to understand not until President Kagame intervened to interpret the question.

Mutharika asking for the question to be repeated.

He later responded and many find the answer out of bounds rather misplaced.

One key blogger Tsoka patric wrote on his Facebook Timeline

“To miss the question is normal, we all miss questions, but to call “FISP and extension training of smallholder farmer as industrialization of the rural”, that is the most strange thing ever heard in my ears in that summit and call that top priority to unlocking trade in a nation.

Mukundiuza kuti azilangizife tikamayenda mmadzimimu kumaphunzitsa Climate Smart Agriculture, mtaya khasu uyu, ma bank mkhonde, compost manure, proper ridge making methods, methods of fertilizer application, irrigation, crop diversification tidzidziva kuti we are on RURAL INDUSTRIALIZATION PROGRAM?

And more sad thing is to connect that to trade, and not just within but trade at an international level. We all know that you need a product to do trade but I don’t think in this century, especially 2020 we can be depending on a smallholder farmer with his hoe in his hand to do international trade and investment. FISP is no longer efficient, and we can’t be thinking that it will improve supply – and is it really supply that is hindering our trade and investment? Or can supply boost trade and investment? Economists help me, is supply our problem, because Mr President just mentioned that?

Kagame was asked the same question, his answer “Easiness of trade, good policies, rule of law to enhance predictability” and quoting a number of statistics. I was thinking that with the political turmoil, one would have emphasized on the same but in the context of Malawi. There is unpredictability in our trade system, no investor comes in such an environment. I expected one to say something on that in our own context or atleast skill set development, entrepreneurship (in that context of supply) in which we produce the products that can trade at an international level not the afrotoxin ground nuts. One would be talking about building networks and platforms to expand the staggering entrepreneurship, frustrating many.

Thailand did rural industrialization but it was in the building of industries even in the rurals. Atleast we could have been talking about mechanization, if we were to talk about rural industrialization, but how can we, we failed it and sold the tractors to some politicians. Sane models of industrialization begin in the urban, and improve the rural by either urbanization or increase in demand of Agricultural product by the industries. Ife tu ai, kugawa feteleza wamakuponi ndi industrialization. Mwina ndine mbuli, wina andithandize ndivetse”.

Yamikani Kachingwe

Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe is a Malawian with great interest in current affairs, news and storytelling. Over the years, he has established himself as a a great source of news, a private investigator of issues and whistle blower using various social media platforms.


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