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By Draxon Maloya

Not all is rosy in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) following its failure to attract partners with whom they can form a workable alliance in case of an impending constitutional court ruling which is not known as to what the judges may decide.

Letter of strategic plans by SG Jeffrey wa Jeffrey

Following a number of DPP’s National Governing Council (NGC) meetings, members agreed to do everything possible that could give the party all the chances of winning the election in case the court might rule in favour of the United Transformation Movement (UTM) and the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leaders, Saulos Chilima and Lazarus Chakwera who are demanding for a rerun.

One of the strategies that was arrived at was of forming an alliance with the former ruling party, the United Democratic Front (UDF) which has huge supporter command in the Eastern Region of the country which has Machinga, Balaka, Mangochi and Zomba Districts.In view of that, the DPP leader, Arthur Peter Mutharika assigned Leston Mulli to meet former UDF chairperson Dr Bakili Muluzi for a possibility of enticing his party into formation of working relationship, a move which unfortunately “Atcheya” has vehemently rebuffed and told him point blank “Mr Mulli,you are aware,am a retired politician and i have no say in the affairs of administration in UDF,you are speaking to the wrong person”.

Mutharika and Muluzi

Meanwhile the DPP has formulated teams in all the regions of the country which have been assigned to make sure that the party penetrates at all cost, but more particularly Mutharika is said to be more interested to see that Hon Atupele Muluzi is back on the government side.

Mutharik with Hon Atupele Muluzi

In a letter dated 10th January 2020, signed by the DPP Secretary General, Grezeldar Jeffrey, addressed to all the party’s executive committee members, confirmed the assignment given to Muli while at the same time assured members of security guarantee which Honorable Nicholas Dausi is said to be handling.
“Let me assure everyone involved in this noble task that your security is fully guaranteed. Hon. Nicholas Dausi is handling all the logistics, DPP is a system and let’s remain optimistic of keeping the grip on the leadership of the country by playing our cards right,” Reads part of the letter.It is likely going to be very difficult to convince Bakili to accept forming an alliance with DPP considering the way how Mutharika dumped Atupere Muluzi on the running mate issue in a run up to the 14th May 2019 presidential elections whose results are being challenged in the constitutional court.On a related matter,the govt of Malawi through Anti-corruption bureau has reopened a long over due case of fraud,where Muluzi is accused of siphoning public money to the tune of K1.7 billion.The hearing will start on 24th March 2020.

Yamikani Kachingwe

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