Memorial function for Dr Attati Mpakati

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A Memorial function for Dr Attati Mpakati (PhD) will be held on Saturday 21st March 2020 from 13 hours at Jacaranda Cultural Centre in Blantyre under the theme:

Unsung Matyrs, Heroes & Heroines for the Struggle of Democracy in Malawi

Among others, a video documentary on Dr Attati Mpakati by Lost History Foundation will be beamed at the event besides testimonies from Dr Attati Mpakati’s lieutenants, friends, relatives and some renowned freedom fighters that are scheduled to be delivered.

Contributions in cash or kind towards this event are welcome from well wishers.


Dr Attati Mpakati is a matyr for Malawi’s freedom and democracy. He was assassinated on 23 March 1983 in Harare by assailants deployed by Malawi Government working in collaboration with intelligence operatives from Apartheid South Africa among others.

At the time of his death, for nine years,Dr Attati Mpakati had been a leader of Malawi’s vibrant opposition political party called Socialist League of Malawi (LESOMA).

For enquiries, contact:

Whatsapp/call: +265 888 38 80 44

Lost History Foundation.

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