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By Tawonga Phiri

Am a 24 year old woman fully aware of the human rights charter and knowing that Malawi is among the signatories and custodians,therein.

Am yet to finish my diploma in Journalism at Malawi institute of Journalism,Blantyre campus.

As a woman,am troubled and afraid,knowing that we have “some” senior government officials in our midst who disregard the importance of reporters and journalists in the country.

I was shocked to hear the loud voice of Deputy Minister of Roads and Public Works Hon Charles Mchacha,who is also the southern regional governor for DPP,hurling insults at Bobby Kabango;senior investigative reporter for Nation Publication limited.

That really agitated me.

He labeled him as stupid,inept and a dunderhead.

He went further by adding more degrading and vulgar words,which my faith won’t allow me to include them in this post.

What really prompt me to speak out,is the revelation going viral in the public domain that has exposed his true nature,this is not the first time he has gone to town throwing around profane words.

Last year at a public rally,he once referred all women as “harlots” specifically those affiliated to United Transformation Movement(UTM).

Today,he is at it again discrediting an innocent journalist,his only crime being;asking for answers from the ministry of lands about the allegations of fraudulent land sales at Kanjeza Forest in Blantyre.

Not only did he insulted the journalist but he went on to incite violence against other Malawians,specifically asians and counsel Raphael Kasambara Sc. In which Counsel quizzed him to be clear with his claims about him and Mchacha in an apologetic manner,he replied “am sorry,it was a slip of a tongue,i meant to say ‘amwenye’ not you”.

The WhatsApp conversation between Kasambara and Mchacha

Through his own words,am concluding that the minister is racist and is encouraging xenophobic attacks towards those assumed to be foreigners specifically Indians.

This is sad and unbelievable.

Yesterday,I read about the attacks on Burundians in devil’s street in Lilongwe for being suspected to be in a business of human parts harvesting.Which the police have released a statement to warn the citizens to desist from taking matters into their own hands,just because they read or heard something horrific on social media.

Therefore,on behalf of all concerned citizens,we are appealing to all civil society organizations and all relavant governing authorities to scrutinize and investigate this matter and to see to it the honorable Minister is taken to task.

We can’t allow and promote such irresponsible behavior in our communities especially coming from a person whom we deem as a leader.

May the Dpp’s governing national council call him for disciplinary hearing.

He needs to be disciplined and that will give a stern warning to other people who think their status quo should be used in victimizing others.


Yamikani Kachingwe

Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe is a Malawian with great interest in current affairs, news and storytelling. Over the years, he has established himself as a a great source of news, a private investigator of issues and whistle blower using various social media platforms.

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