Malawi Government gets set to host 255 returnees;Machinga Teachers Training College to serve as a Quarantine Centre.

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South Africa accommodates more than 50,000 Malawians.

Government Team at the inspection of Machinga TTC

Some are working in various industries,while others are there for educational and medical treatment purposes.

The country went under forced national lockdown for almost 48 days and counting,the implementation of lockdown is among the many drastic measures put in place by the South African Government to prevent the further spread and infections of the virus that causes Corona.

Kitchen Facility at Maching TTC.

The lockdown has resulted into many companies closing doors due to Government’s regulations and conditions to trade.This has led to many people losing their source of income,as it is no work,no pay scenario.

This has severely affected thousands of Malawians to be financially,emotionally incapacitated and left them without any hope.

Several Associations of Malawians in different provinces appealed to the Government of Malawi through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to assist them with any form of help in terms of groceries hampers or to make plans to avail REPATRIATION FLIGHTS/BUSES for those wishing to go back to their country.

Hundred of Malawians in a que to board the bus back home.

The Ministry made transportation arrangements,by sending four buses,in which the stranded Malawians were asked to cater for their own bus ticket and other travel expenses.So far 255 Malawians have bought tickets and are expected to arrive in the country,anyday from today.

Stranded Malawians in South Africa boarding the REPATRIATION BUS.

Meanwhile in Malawi,the inspection of Machinga TTC by Government Team on it’s readiness and suitability to host returnees from South Africa on 14 days mandatory quarantine begun earlier today.

Among notable faces present were;T/A Sitola, Machinga DC, DHO and other community leaders.

More details to follow in full,as this is just a developing story.

Yamikani Kachingwe

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