Lilongwe Asian Business Community allocates a site for potential quarantine centre: Two tenants refuses to give approval.

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As Malawi continues to register Coronavirus cases:in total we have 5 positive cases of Coronavirus;two in Blantyre and the rest in Lilongwe.

A lot of people are combining resources to assist the govt in the fight against Covid19.

Among them is the new organization of Covid19 Task force being implemented by Lilongwe Asian Business Community Leaders from all walks of life and trading in different enterprises.

LABC team in meeting with senior stakeholders in Lilongwe on the way forward to combat Covid19

For starters they have allocated a place in Lilongwe which will serve as a quarantine centre on top of the available centre at Kamuzu Central Hospital to cushion the need for more room(God forbid) when the situation demands.

The task force is putting up a 25 bed quarantine/corona virus Centre.

So far these are the available donations by different companies:

1)The Diab family has provided the facilities above Beirut cafe where we can make a Centre.

The top storey is where it is expected to be

2)25 mattresses donated by Robray

3)10 hospital beds donated by Marriam mussa MNG Industries.

4)Bedsheet’s and pillow cases and duvet donated by Asif Bhai of Elegant Decor.

There is a need for more donations.

The grouping notified all relavant authorities in the city and have promised to move swiftly in authorizing and approving the request once all current tenants at the building are in agreement with the arrangement.

All the tenants have been informed and only two are reluctant and have sternly denied the kind gesture and these are respective owners of Maula Pharmacy and HTC:they said,they have their own reservations.

The quarantine centre will have 10 ensuite rooms fully furnished with all nesecceties including medical equipments and essentials.

The building is in CBD and it has two separate entrances:

One at the front and the other at the back.The back entrance is the one that will be used to enter the center and all activities happening will be private and secluded from the main front entrance and in the public eyes.

LABC vision is:the centre will accommodate 10 Covid19 patients in severe condition:they have identified and allocated 5 rooms to the public and the other to LABC(members).

The centre will be run,monitored and managed by Lilongwe District Hospital Office with guidance from Ministry of health.

Maintainance and Sustainability of the center will be managed and funded by LABC.

This centre is just among the many current preparations in place in case of a serious Covid19 outbreak(Allah Forbid) as they say “failing to prepare;is planning to fail”.

For more information and enquiries:Feel free to contact

Mr Abubakar Yusuf

[Coordinator of Donations]

+265 888 18 32 39

Mr Bheda Manzur

[Chairman of the organization]

+265 999 82 62 66

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