Lilongwe City Council(LCC) empowered with Preventative and Protective Materials against Covid19

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Lilongwe Asian Business Community(LABC) has this morning donated pump sprayers, essential chemicals, buckets, water bottles, etc for City Staff as the Lilongwe City Council undertakes the challenge of disinfectimg markets within Lilongwe.

Among the various items donated by Labc to LCC

These items are a gesture from LABC to assist the authorities to intensify their efforts to sanitize all public places effectively.

“Let us get involved and see to it:our best within our capacity is given to relavant authorities to continue curbing the spread and infections of Coronavirus in our nation.” Labc member advised.

LCC as of this morning will start their disinfection exercise at Area 3 Market and Kawale Market respectively.

Labc has been in the forefront of emphasizing the need of equipping and empowering our public institutions:

10 Hazmat Suits including gloves and face masks were received by Dr Mhango on behalf of Bwaila hospital

Yesterday they donated 10 Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) to Bwaila Hospital in Lilongwe,this came after medical personnel were on a Sit-In strike due to lack of such items to enable them to do their job effectively as they need to protect themselves from Infections and at the same time providing safety to their patients.

For more information and enquiries:Feel free to contact

Mr Abubakar Yusuf

[Coordinator of Donations]

+265 888 18 32 39

Mr Bheda Manzur

[Chairman of the organization]

+265 999 82 62 66

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