Update: Ministry of Labour visit Rab Processors

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20th August,2020.Officials from the Ministry comprising of the Minister,deputy and others from Teveta had a tour at the facility and they had a productive conversation with the top management of Rab Processors.

The ministerial entourage with Rab team.

The main theme of the agenda was on how Rab Processors will increase it’s employment ratio.How and where the Government can come through with assistance and conducive policies for the private sector.Currently Rab Processors employs more than 2000 Malawians, countrywide.

Among the many Rab Products is a refreshing drink “Thumbs up”

Tonse Government is upbeat with the creation of 1 Million Jobs for unemployed Malawians,this initiative needs both the public and private sector to join hands,if it is to see the light of the day.Speaking on behalf of the Conglomerate; CEO Ahmed Sunka emphasized the need for the govt to look into the workers compensation case(s),in the past they has been fraudulent claims awarded by different courts and making employers to lose resources unnecessary.

“If your Ministry could assist us with this matter,it will encourage the private sector to invest more in return, more people will be employed.”He went on further to lament about the smuggling culture that has seriously affected businesses. For a while a lot of contraband from neighboring countries are coming in at an alarming rate.

Confiscated contraband by MRA.

“All local beverages,sugar,soap & many other manufacturing companies are affected, let us take soft drinks as an example the smugglers don’t pay the 10% exercise and the 16.5% vat,in view of this they sale their unlicensed,unapproved goods cheaply,this is demoralizing. The Government of Malawi is losing huge amounts of money in these fraudulent activities”.

Local dailies emphasized the need to reconsider the exercise tax as well.

The minister’s response was straightforward,accommodating and welcoming.Hon Kandodo,a former CEO of Press Trust Corporation said “He is aware of the many challenges the private sector faces on daily basis,as he was once in their shoes. On the issue of Workers Compensation, the govt will set up workers Compensation fund program, where workers will directly claim from it,removing the burden on employers in return.”.

Several factors are affecting local Manufacturers growth and productivity, clearly narrated in this news article.

He went on further to assure the business community; “My counterparts in other ministries they have already taken up the smuggling issue,as you are all aware the govt has set up a massive drive against corrupt activities.All these smuggling issues will stop very soon.”The Ministry of Labour further visited different big industries.More updates to follow.

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