Hon Alhaj Muhammad Sidik Mia says “Malawi comes first”

Hon Sidik Mia is a political giant of the Lower Shire who succeeded late Hon Gwanda ChakuambaHe is an accomplished entrepreneur who runs his business empire by the book.He has a selfless heart,a philanthropist he is.Hundreds of students in lower shire are under his scholarship program.His political career transcends many before him.He has served under all Govt Administration in Malawi under democracy rule.He rejoined MCP as he was born there before getting to other parties, formally in 2017. He brought MCP with a bang in Nsanje Lalanje where MCP resoundingly won the by-elections in the same markings, leaving strong footprints in the South.He was announced to be a running mate to President Chakwera in Mangochi on the 02.12.18.On 04.02.29, he was officially declared the running mate of President Chakwera by Malawi Electoral Commission(MEC)Hon Mia supported President Chakwera’s bid for State Presidency by running a rigorous and smart campaign in the South East, Central, Lake Shore, and Northern Regions of MCP successfully up to the elections day.The party through courts successfully fought for nullification of last year’s electoral results.Hon Sidik Mia, prior to the fresh presidential elections, in his wisdom felt he should clear the mist about his views on the impending elections. Being very close to President Chakwera for a long timeHon Mia,like his boss has grown wisdom that has taken the whole nation by suprise.Contrary to what many detractors have been propagating, Hon Mia thinks of Malawi being bigger than the sum total of someone’s ambitions and aspirations.He has fairly and squarely positioned himself as one of the rare leaders Malawi shall ever have in his wisdom to support MCP’s vision through its leader President Chakwera and any party he works on to form a broader alliance.Hon Mia recognizes the popularity and capability of MCP to form the government in any form of the electoral law of determining the President i.e First Past the Post of 50+%1.He has however cleared the common gossip that;he was a stumbling block to any possible alliance.He is ready to protect and serve Malawi through the Malawi Congress Party.Hon Mia is not a selfish leader. Hon Mia recognizes the perception that the verdict of the court case and the requirement of 50%+1 has created amidst us, hence he is ready to accept the situation faster than some would imagine.He is a true and one example of silent rivers that run very deepMCP is an oasis of leaders. Hon Mia is one of the rare breeds of leaders in MCP. Malawi stands to benefit a lot through tapping wisdom from such leaders from this great institution.Hon Sidik Mia, the giant silent deeply running river of the Lower Shire.Long live the roaring lion.

Yamikani Kachingwe

Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe is a Malawian with great interest in current affairs, news and storytelling. Over the years, he has established himself as a a great source of news, a private investigator of issues and whistle blower using various social media platforms.

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