Chapter 1: Five factors that led to Mutharika’s downfall not DPP!.

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I have been giving you numerous analysis on political issues for quite some time now and most of them have seen the light of the day.

YNK is a reputable and objective Political analyst and Digital Marketer.

The former governing party,the Democratic Progressive Party has not lost the election technically in other words it is just a bus stop,a moment for self REFLECTION & EVALUATION and they have everything at their disposal to rise again in 2025,if and only if they will abide by my advice i will illustrate below.Stay with me.

In actual sense,it is only a downfall of it’s current president,His Excellency Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika.

According to 2019 Tripartite Election’s official results.

Apm got 1,904,709 votes(majority)
Chakwera got 1,781,740 votes
Chilima got 1,018,369 votes
Muluzi got 235, 164

2019 Presidential Election Results.

Apm had no electoral partnership with other parties.

Chakwera had an electoral partnership with Peoples party and other.

Muluzi had an Electoral partnership with Aford(Mwenifumbo) only.

Chilima had an Electoral partnership with Aford (Chihana)and other.

And these official results were nullified by the Constitutional Court and also The Supreme Court of Law.Citing massive irregularities , inconsistencies and incompetence that could not identify the rightful winner.

Take note,the election was not nullified due to RIGGING!.

2020 Fresh Presidential Election.

2020 Fresh Presidential election results.

Dpp is in Alliance with the United Democratic Front and they walked away with 1,751,877 votes.

Mcp is in a Coalition with 8 political parties and they walked away with 2,604, 043 votes.

This means Chakwera and his vice Chilima won the election with extra votes of 852,266.

And you may wish to take into consideration,Apm only campaigned for three days. It was only Hon Atupele Austin Muluzi and other very FEW and SELECTED senior officials who went around from Chitipa to Nsanje on a campaign trail.

Below are the main five factors that led to the downfall of Apm not DPP,why am i saying so? If you are sober enough to understand the dynamics of votes and politics,you will marry your thoughts with my profound observations below and above.


It is no longer a mystery or an exaggeration to say The State Vice President of Malawi,Right Honourable Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima si munthu wamba,the man is a game changer.

He is the only vice president in the history of Malawi,who has been elected twice under two different administrations and also the only man who has removed two sitting presidents and who has also ushered two opposition leaders as presidents of Malawi,respectively and consecutively.

In short,The day Apm lost him in 2018,when he left to form his own party,that was the beginning Apm’s end. Chilima walked away with some loyal and dedicated senior officials from the party and left behind many who were his silent sympathizers.

Chilima met too many obstacles along the way in the formation of his party The United Transformation Movement and within 10 months,he managed to get 4 mps, +/- 15 ward Councilors(1 is Mzuzu mayor) and 1 million votes.

Not only that he changed the dynamics of politics in it’s totality.

Party Branding was his signature,the language that he speaks sits well with many youths.

He has the youthful appeal and personality.

Chilima was among the few who were instrumental in Apm’s victory in 2014,he knew all secrets and he was still getting any new tricks or moves from his loyal soldiers who remained in DPP led Govt hence Apm faced a lot of administration sabotages.

In short Chilima is a trendsetter and a last piece to every political move in Malawi now.

That’s the first factor and very significant.


The most critical factor that led to many Malawians getting agitated with Apm is his nature of slow pace in responding to issues of national importance,he believed in the principle of responding and not reacting to things unfortunately when he does responds to crucial issues was only and very late, unsatisfactory.

He never showed any interest to listen to the cry of people that gave him the job of presidency,he was taking them as his subordinates rather slaves.

He cared less about anything of everything that the majority of Malawians were requesting him to take into keen consideration.

In short,he was not around when Malawians needed him most.

That led to the loss of mutual trust and integrity between him and his employers(voters).

Good example was when people asked him to fire Judge Dr Jane ansah Sc and her commissioners due to the arrogance and ignorance on how they handled the 2019 Tripartite Elections.He refused with an iron fist and that gave birth to massive and perilous demonstrations countrywide and the events that occurred during the moments of anguish,it seriously and grievously hurt his image.

Am sorry to say,Mutharika’s administration was the only Government with poor public relations gurus.

Most specifically,these two notable individuals.

-Dr Bright Molande,to me regardless has won a couple of awards as a speech write or he has a PhD,he was pure and embarrassingly incompetent as the state director of communications and an executive assistant to the president. His performance in terms of building the image of the president was below average,he shamelessly failed to run and command public narratives.

– Former minister of information and communication,Hon Mark Botomani,he was clueless and out of touch with the public most of the times,he was very inept at almost everything, he was not even a communicator. He was just shouting,insulting and accusing everyone. And,he was once caught live on camera planning on how to squander money meant for Covid-19 fight response in a form of allowances.Totally a big time failure!


It is believed a formidable benchmark of any administration is how the leader manages the account number 1 and as well the prerogative of appointing public office holders.

Unfortunately under Apm many were appointed due to their political affiliations and tribal lines.

I will not mention names but you and me,know the story.

Numerous corruption scandals were rampant under his tenure,this too,I trust you are well cognizance with.

The political intolerance and violence we have witnessed in the past years is there for everyone to appreciate.

Anyone who was deemed to support opposition parties was labeled as an enemy and many were demoted or fired! We still have many in our midst who can testify.

This makes the third factor that led to the downfall of Apm not DPP.


Change is inevitable and this time around the majority of Malawians just wanted nothing to do with Apm at all costs.

We have seen so many demonstrations by all arms of government and several held by common citizens.

It was like in 1994 elections when people wanted Mcp out of Government coz Ngwazi was old and frail,the same was with Apm now.

The Demand for Change gave birth to Tonse Alliance a coalition of 9 political parties led by Chakwera and Chilima. And they gave hope to the people.

Apm was outplayed,outnumbered and completely out of touch with the people,the people are the voters and he failed to woo their trust.

This makes the fourth reason why Apm has fallen.


Apm failed to fulfill the promises for the people in the north.

E.g Mzuzu Airport,Mombera University,Chakazi bridge,Mzuzu Stadium and Mzimba Mbelwa District offices and many others.

Anthu akumpoto amapembeza maphudziro and most of them make up the judiciary, the same judiciary which he was insulting and disrespecting.

The inability to construct Mombera was the biggest punch to them.

The Quota system was another sin Apm committed to them.

The 1 year and few months absence was the worse move by Apm to the people in the north.

In short Apm by himself failed himself to win love and respect from atumbuka- no lie!.

No wonder he was getting a decorated zero at some polling stations.


It is evident enough that Apm never wanted the 2020 fresh presidential election and he gave up presidency position before he was actually DEFEATED BY CHAKWERA!

Apm only campaigned for 3 days through out the campaign trail.

Through his various speeches he was profoundly narrating that the opposition parties stole his “assumed” deserved victory via the Judiciary.

But if we are to base his statement according to the results of 2019 Tripartite Elections and 2020 Fresh Presidential election we may conclude perhaps he may have been saying the truth or not,as he still managed to get 1.7 Million without rigging claims(claimed by opposition parties in 2019).

If it is true that indeed the 2019 elections were rigged then the most likely person who lost votes is Hon Atupele Austin Muluzi then and sadly Atupele never fought for his own justice like Chakwera and Chilima did.

As in 2020 Fresh Presidential election’s campaign trail.

Atupele and very few senior officials from DPP and Udf campaigned vigorously from Nsanje to Chitipa.

I gave this analysis on 10th June 2020,today am vindicated.

I would not be in the wrong if i attach or conclude that the 1.7 Million votes were garned due to HON ATUPELE AUSTIN MULUZI’S EFFORST and STAMINA!

In other words as i clearly said on 10th june 2020(see attached image). that if Atupele had a good and youthful partner who was hungry and thirsty like him for a victory then the Dpp/Udf Coalition could have carried the day.

Those were my closing remarks.

Imagine two parties managed to get such votes against 9 political parties.

Therefore as a political analyst I conclude that Apm is the one who lost the election not Dpp/Udf Alliance.

Dpp/Udf Alliance is still intact and formidable they only lacked a good and inspired leader to take them through and across the bridge of 2020 fresh presidential election.

Now! Am advising Apm to immediately appoint Hon Kondwani Nankhumwa as the INTERIM LEADER and Hon Atupele Austin Muluzi as the INTERIM DEPUTY LEADER OF DPP/UDF ALLIANCE.

With these two at the helm,they will regroup,reenergize and refresh the Alliance till 2025.

Take Note,my second analysis “Is Atupele politically finished-Yes or No?” Be there to be enlightened.

Yamikani Kachingwe

Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe is a Malawian with great interest in current affairs, news and storytelling. Over the years, he has established himself as a a great source of news, a private investigator of issues and whistle blower using various social media platforms.

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