India Commission donates medicines to Malawi

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The Indian government has made a donation of various medicines to their Malawian counterpart.

Minister and the Indian Commission Bhushan

These include Blood Pressure (BP), cancer and diabetes medicines, and the whole consignment is worth a whopping US 2 million dollars.

Speaking during the presentation, the Indian High Commissioner His Excellency Anurag Bhushan to Malawi thanked his country for the gesture, on behalf of all Malawians and Malawi Government.

While the minister of health advised the public and medical personnel against the theft of these medical essentials.And she assured the Indian Government that the donation of drugs will be put into good use and secured from any fraudulent activity.

She further explained the need to be vigilant and to report any fraudulent activity that lead to the sale of govt property, drugs in this case. In the past, public health facilities have lost sizable amounts of medical essentials to theft.

Minister Kandodo making a statement.

The Indian Commissioner assured continued support from India Government.

“This is a timely donation that will go a long way, and all the medicines given are very useful. 2 million dollars is a lot of money,” he said.

The delegation at the warehouse were the medical donation is being kept

He also made mention that this is not the first time the Indian government is helping Malawi, as it has recently extended a donation 10 ambulances and 1,000,000 secondary text books in February this year.He confidently extended that India Government is determined and committed in continuing lending a helping hand to the nation of Malawi through education,health,trade and agricultural sectors.

Furthermore, Malawian are to receive Covid-19 supplies and medicines from the Indian government, he assured. Apart from this support, the his government is also helping Malawi in various sectors like agriculture and education.

The minister of health Hon Khumbizoe Chaponda Kandodo received the donations on behalf of Malawi Government. She thanked the Indian Government for their timely and considerate support extended to the nation, always.

“India provides Malawi with referral medical needs, most notably is the cancer treatment, as most Malawians travel to the eastern subcontinent to avail to these sophisticated services.

In the past Malawians have benefited a lot from Indian govt through trade,imports and exports with no duty charged,this shows the good bilateral relationship that exist between the two countries.”

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