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As the country intensifies in the battle against global warming and climate change, five cabinet ministers joined the rest of the world of the go green campaign in the conservation of natural resources.

Last week Hon.Bright Msaka initiated a tree planting campaign in the eastern region, more than 20,000 trees were planted.

Hon.Jappie Mhango-Minister of Health

On Saturday, four cabinet ministers namely Jappie Mhango, Mark Botomani, Symon Vuwa Kaunda and Ralph Jooma spared their time and led some Malawians in the tree planting exercise at one of the world’s largest man made forest, the Vipsya Plantations also popularly known as Chikangawa forest in Mzimba District.

Hon.Ralph Jooma-Minister of Roads

Speaking after the exercise, the Health and Population Minister, Jappie Mhango said if the country is to win in the fight against global warming and climate change, then at least every individual regardless of his or her status should consider planting trees.

Hon.M.Botomani-Min of Information

“If we are to win the battle of global warming and climate change, then reforestation is a key to rebuild our habitats and degradation which are central threats to the health of our species,
“Then reforestation has not to be by every citizen, and finally we know that forests add beauty to the country, then we must embark on these reforestation programs like the way it has happened today,” Mhango said.

In a related development, the Malawi-Scotland Partnership (MaSP) led the pupils of Kamphenda Primary and Rumphi Secondary Schools in planting a total of 2000 tree seedlings at the two schools under the 2050 Climate Group Project.

Hon.V.Kaunda-Min of Lands

Speaking after the exercise, The Malawi-Scotland Partnership Project Manager, Linda Dembo said her organization believes in instilling the type of leadership with responsibility into the young ones like the conservation of natural resources which is the basis for meaningful poverty reduction.

Hon.Bright Msaka had his tree planting in Eastern region last week.

Dembo, said the youth as the end users of trees should learn to take care of the trees so that they can pass on the trend to the next generation.
And in his remarks after leading the young ones in the planting trees, the District Forest Officer, Gift Nyirenda said Rumphi is a tobacco growing district, but when the tobacco markets have registered losses farmers resort to Charcoal production so as to sustain their livelihood hence the wanton cutting down of trees.

Malawi-Scottland Partnership Project Manager, Linda Dembo.

Nyirenda further said this practice is contributing to desertification in some areas hence giving room for soil erosion and natural disasters.

This year’s National Forestry Season is slated between 15th December to 15th April and Rumphi District alone is expected to plant a total of 1 642 000 tree seedlings covering the bare ground of 1200 hectares.

Yamikani Kachingwe

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