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By John Mukhondiwa (Liverpool)

Our investigative reporter has uncovered a sinister move that may jeopardize the glory days of DPP UK WING.


He has found out the current leadership of the wing is nothing but a sham.

According to their constitution,it stipulates the wing should held their annual general meeting on 3rd March to elect new leaders or to maintain the same if they have performed brilliantly in serving the party’s interests.

But now that’s not the case; the chairwoman Dr Neza Chatuwa(a daughter to former minister Jean Kalirani) it is alleged she is destroying the legacy that has been built over the years by others.

The AGM was held last year on 3rd March and we were expecting to host one this year on 3rd March

Since she took over last year on 3rd March,she and her team have not for once done anything tangible on the ground,in United Kingdom or Malawi to promote the party’s growth and influence.

While the old executive team were holding meetings regularly within and outside UK.They were going overboard with charitable activities in Malawi,from Nsanje to Chitipa without considering political affiliations of whom to help.

Works of Old Wing

Whereas the current executive team apart from taking pictures with the president of Malawi when he is in UK.There is completely nothing worthy pointing at.

As if that’s not enough,they have now agreed not to hold any AGM and this is what they shared to their members,“The AGM was agreed to be postponed due to what’s going in Malawi as the group felt we need to know whether to focus and be prepared.Some suggested to do a ballot online but majority refused and all that led to we wait and see development as putting a new team at this crucial time might not be appropriate to put the structures together in time”.

“It is clearly visible that this wing has no belief and trust in the leadership of Mutharika and his team,why would they say; we don’t know what will happen in Malawi,that is a clear indicator they don’t know Dpp has the best strategists and analytics.Therefore we don’t need doubting thomases leading us”,A member confessed.

“Please keep my name anonymous,but look here,these guys are undemocratic and full of nepotism,can you imagine? We have a husband and wife both of them have senior positions in our executive committee; Goodson and Charity Saiwala,the husband is our strategist whereas the wife is our treasurer.I find this extreme greediness and selfishness,is there no other people around?”.

We are appealing to the leadership back home to intervene,some of us we were denied to meet the President,when he was here.This Executive Committee must be dissolved immediately,there are serving their own interests not of DPP.We are extremely frustrated with their nepotism,poor leadership skills and their reluctance to organize events that may prosper our party in UK and beyond Europe.

We believe,you will attend to our concerns.

This is the current Executive Team below,we no longer need to lead us,we will elect new leaders on 3rd March 2020.


Chairman – Dr Neza Chatuwa nee Kalirani

Vice Chairman – Mr Dennis Mwandila

Vice Chairman Dennis

Secretary – Mr Ken Mjojo

Secretary Mjojo

Treasurer – Mrs Charity Saiwala

Treasurer Charity wife to Strategist Goodson

Strategist- Mr Goodson Saiwala

Events Organiser – Mr Marvin Chirupani

Events organizer Marvin

Vice Events Organiser – Mr Adrian Chirambo

Spokesperson – Miss Julia Alfazema

Vice organizer Alfazema- a sister to the chairwoman

Coordinator – Dr Kennedy B. Nkhoma

Many thanks


Yamikani Kachingwe

Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe is a Malawian with great interest in current affairs, news and storytelling. Over the years, he has established himself as a a great source of news, a private investigator of issues and whistle blower using various social media platforms.