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By Jason Banda

Things are continuing to fall apart in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) as the country awaits fresh elections following the nullification of the 21st May 2019 presidential election results as some party loyalists have expressed discontent with the performance of the party’s Secretary General, Grezelda Jeffrey wa Jeffrey.

SG Grezelda with cadets at a rally

Some party followers are calling for an immediate leadership overhaul of the party machinery sighting among other offices, that of Jeffrey which they say needs a personality of integrity, vision and sound academic background to marry with the current political trends.

In a letter addressed to the party secretariat the concerned party officials have given the office of the president to respond to their demand within a specified period or else they will consider taking unspecified action.

Some of the grievances which they want to be addressed are as follows:

1. We are very disappointed by your lack of competence as a Secretary General of the party. It has been a week after the constitutional court ruling and up to now, the Party whose Chief executive is you, has not addressed us.

2. The right to appeal by the President of the Party is well understood as an exercise to the right given to any person aggrieved after any court ruling, however, it is worrying that as a party everything seems to be at a standstill and also waiting for one man to think.

3. The President seems to have been captured by two people who do not have the welfare of our party at heart. These people are Madame Getrude Mutharika and Mr Norman Paulosi Chisale. We are reliably told that APM does not want to stand for the Presidency again as it was rumoured before the recent nullified elections, but these two have been forcing our leader to stand again.

Norman Paulosi Chisale- Presidential Security aide

4. The party seems to be carrying dead wood in her National Governing Committee including your office and this seems not helping at all.

Our demands;

a) We demand that you resign as SECRETARY General of the party if you think the duties of your office are too much.

b) We demand that all advisors surrounding the President must make way for energetic and realistic people that can steer our party forward. Fransic Mphepo,Dyton Mussa must go.

c) We demand that an emergency convention be called immediately where we decide the future of our party together and not by accepting the wishes of few people.

d) Madame Getrude Mutharika must show love to our party by allowing the President to make his own decisions.

e) The Malawi army and Police must strengthen the President’s security as he is threatened from within.

f) All regional teams must be galvanized and empowered to do their jobs as the party is suffocated.

g) We demand big rallies across the regions and not mere statements that do not appeal anything to real DPP members across the country.

We mean well and it is our wish to see the party moving ahead. We will not relent nor compromise our position should we see that you are treating this as mere propaganda from the enemy camp.

We are aware of all your useless and incompetent rhetorics that you ask your errand boys to lie that all is well but be assured that this train of CHANGE in DPP will not stop until we meet you at the River.

We remain resolute to reclaim our Party from all selfish leaders in DPP and we will not allow a greedy First lady like Jezebel deny APM a wonderful name just as Grace Mugabe ruined Mugabe.

Madame Mutharika and her son have stolen enough Money and she must now leave DPP alone!!!

First lady’s son Tadikila

Although the letter is said to be from opponents who don’t wish the party (DPP) well, but one of the party leaders who did not want to be mentioned assured this reporter that the said letter will be looked into and all appropriate measures will be taken if necessary.

Yamikani Kachingwe

Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe is a Malawian with great interest in current affairs, news and storytelling. Over the years, he has established himself as a a great source of news, a private investigator of issues and whistle blower using various social media platforms.