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I was compelled to write this piece by Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe. So here is my take:

Many people are wondering whether or not the covid 19 is an act of God, a way of punishing the world over the many sins we are engaged in. Well, I know that God is GOOD, and therefore there can never be any evil associated with Him even when we may actually deserve it. So first off I would like to declare here that I do not think that this pandemic is an act of God.

Simple things like having a glass of ice cold Sobo,may slip away from us before we know it-#SocialDistanceisCool

A friend of mine was unwell one time before and her hubby was trying to reason with her to visit a doctor. She on the other hand was believing God for healing. The hubby pointed out to her and rightly so, that faith, does not deny facts. No amount of faith will make us wish away the virus; it is here and what’s important is how we respond to it as opposed to casting and binding and at times disconnecting.

Writing is my hobby #Let’sSanitize

As you have noted, the virus has transcended color, ethnic background, social and economic statuses. That for me is leveling the playing field. As far as the world is concerned , it matters less about your bank balance nor the portfolio of your assets, if it decides to hit you, it will hit you the same way it will hit a homeless guy from the poorest of countries on this planet; that for me is an undeniable fact that’s making me look at this pandemic from a total different perspective.

Listen, prophets and men of God have a duty towards their flock. One of these duties is to ensure that they sensitize their members on various preventive measures as well as ensure that the people are not panicking. When people panic even when someone has been burnt by water or fire, further damage or even death may occur. Our problem is not because we do not know, or that we are unable to protect ourselves from contracting the virus, our challenge is that we are over panicking.

This panic is making us say and do things we shouldn’t be doing. We are blaming the church for not doing enough, we are downplaying and saying all sorts of bad things about our government’s inability to do enough, and we are blaming and castigating our health care system and ofcourse by extension the health workers themselves. The truth of the matter is that there has never been a hard time to be a health worker or a priest.or a prophet than now. And we know that when it comes down to it, they will do all they humanly can within the confines of their calling. Look at Italy, even with the best health care they are now almost at 800 deaths per day, that’s how dangerous this thing is. It has literally brought the world as we know it down to its knees. We need something more than technology and innovation to manage this thing. When it is all over nothing will remain the same. Those that looked down on each other will have to change their minds. I believe God is trying to change the trajectory for us for the better, let’s look and dig deeper to find out what it is.

I spend most of my time inspiring young boys and girls #washhandsconstantly

What I do know is that, the responsibility to stop this virus can never truly lie in the hands of one institution, not even government. Imagine if government were to impose tough measures on us like lock down, curfews and all that, how many of us would comply 100%? We would be the first to argue how these will affect our businesses, our livelihoods and general well being. No preventive measures will work without the active participation and willingness of the people. No amount of prayer will work if people do not have faith in God. Prophets will prophesy and the people will be speaking things in doubt on the other side.

Let us all get involved to sensitize our communities #DontShakeHands

Words create, and it matters what we say at this time. We are almost wishing for us to have this disease in our country. We are 10 steps ahead of ourselves when we shouldn’t. We must try, to calm down and ensure we spread the word as much as possible. And for once, can we try to extend this love to those who do not belong in our household please.

Let us join hands to STOP Corona because for what it’s worth, when it comes around, we shall ALL be at risk; yes, ALL of us…..

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Yamikani Kachingwe

Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe is a Malawian with great interest in current affairs, news and storytelling. Over the years, he has established himself as a a great source of news, a private investigator of issues and whistle blower using various social media platforms.


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