Prophet Wakisa Chizaso being used by God to perform numerous miracles in Lilongwe.

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By Wasema Review

At a time most people thought all men of God are in hiding due to corona virus pandemic, Prophet Wakisa Chizaso of Revival International Christian House (RICH) has chosen not to pave way for the devil, but rather he is still standing tall; praying for and healing ailed people in Lilongwe, Malawi every Sunday.

The courageous anointed man of God conducts the healing services at his church premises located at Glalle Garden in area 49, opposite Bingu National Stadium (BNS).

In an interview, the church publicist, Review Wasema confirmed the development citing that the prophet is still up and running even in these difficult times, when one could think all men of God are in their cocoons.

“As a church, with the leadership of our spiritual father, Prophet Wakisa Chizaso, we have a sincere conviction that the only refuge in times of calamities like these is church,” he said.

“This,” added Wasema, “Compelled him [prophet Chizaso] to soldier on in full bravado to confront various diseases that are tormenting children of God head on.”

The prophet, according to Wasema, is ready to reach out and heal the world, immediately after countries lift their travel restrictions.

“He is ready to go around the world once countries lift their lockdowns,” said Wasema.

Besides healing the sick, the man of God also delivers people from all the bondages imposed on them by the powers from the dark forces.

“He, too, finds time to execute some very inspiring teachings from the bible,” revealed Wasema, while also emphasizing “he does some very accurate prophecies during all the services every Sunday.”

All the services start at exactly 7 o’clock in the morning.

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