Are you looking for the best accommodation or Suitable place to rent as a Covid-19 Isolation/Testing Centre in Lilongwe?

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Malawi,a country in the Southern Region of Africa,also known as the flames of fire.The country has an estimated population of 18 million people.It has four demarcated regions,namely; Southern,Eastern,Central and Northern.It has two major known cities;Blantyre the commercial city and Lilongwe the capital city.Today,i will talk about the capital city,where almost all big things of value happens.The city has two major towns;Old town and City Centre.All Government offices and activities takes place there.All international foreign missions offices are situated there.All major sports and entertainment events are held there,it is the home of Bingu international stadium,Umodzi International Park.It is a historical village that comprises of the first building of Reserve Bank, A Mausoleum of the First Black President of Malawi,Late Ngwazi Dr Kamuzu Hastings Banda,not only that, it has the most beautiful architectural design of the only Parliament in Malawi,not forgetting the Heroes Acre,which details the list of names of our departed unsung freedom fighters.The capital city boasts of exquisite natural scenery at The Sanctuary opposite the biggest and oldest Hospital in Malawi:Kamuzu Central Hospital;The Sanctuary is the habitat for different wildlife species and lofty gardens with various greens.The Kamuzu International Airport is the largest and biggest in Malawi,it is truly the nation’s pride,the historical value it holds,dates back to centuries.As a frequent traveler and local tourist,i make it a mission to travel countrywide,amidst my many journeys.I have discovered it’s not easy for new travelers to identify proper and affordable accommodation in the capital city.Am here to make it easier and simpler,whenever you decide to travel to Lilongwe,popularly knows as “Eloz” and you have no place to sleep,worry not.This right here will guide you.Sunset Lodge is strategically situated in old town,it is opposite Bwaila Hospital,it is centralized within the vicinity of all human essentials and necessities you can ever imagine.Close to main road,bus depot,just few walks,you are there.The glorious facility has 16 self contained rooms,well furnished with a traditional touch,that really makes you feel at home.It has a full loaded conference room with a seating capacity of 50 people.Professional and experienced security personnel on site 24 hours.Running water and non-stop electricity 24/7.And guess what? The prices of the services they offer are a bargain not to miss.Affordable,Reliable and Unbeatable prices,you can not get them anywhere,i challenge you.Seriously Cheap! Cheap!Did i mention?,there is free secure parking and nearby Restaurants and an internet cafe within few steps.Currently in Malawi,we are registering cases of Covid-19 alarmingly-Total confirmed cases stands at 56,14 recovered Cases,3 deaths and 39 active cases. There is a high demand of appropriate space for Isolation/Quarantine Centres and Testing Sites countrywide,most specifically in the capital city.Lilongwe alone has registered 24 cases and two deaths.There is an urgent need of tracing and massive testing to be done.Numerous nonprofit organizations,individuals and government authorities are doing their level best in the fight against Covid-19 through implementation s of different initiatives of donations of protective and preventative items to communities and public health institutions.Lilongwe has only one Isolation centre which can accommodate 20 people at a go against the population of Almost 2 Million residents.That’s where Sunset Lodge comes in,with it’s strategic position,it is an ideal place to set up an extra Isolation or Testing Centre.The management of the lodge is willing to rent out the establishment to assist the nation in it’s drastic measure to eradicate the spread and infections of the virus.They have come up with a tailored approach,divided into a long term or short term tenancy.International corresponding donors or local citizens of good will may wish to contact the responsible persons for ‘once in a life time’ deal.For more information,contact;Mr Mansoor Ibrahim +265 884 63 17 02Email:

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