An Enemy Of The State Must Not Be Tolerated

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Hon Eisenhower Mkaka responsible minister for foreign affairs and international corporations.

Hon Richard William Chimwendo Banda responsible minister for Homeland Security.

His Excellency Anurag Bhushan the high commissioner of India in Malawi.

Leaders of Asian Business Community.

I hereby bring to your attention of the sad ordeal perpetrated by one infamous businessman of Indian origin; Mr Chandrashekar More.

Am reliably informed that the said man has been trying for quite sometime to come back to Malawi to reside and invest. His efforts for years have proved futile.

Mr More is popularly known as one shrewd and fraudulently business man. In 2017 he was caught red handed over tax evasion. He was arrested and applied for bail,He further shocked the nation when he jumped his bail conditions and ‘then’ regime deported him.

He currently owes Malawi Government the sum of MWK50 Million in taxes not inclusive of interest.

During his tax evasion court case,Not only was he hurling insults at the seating judge,but also slandering black Malawians most especially the police officers who were handling his file; he used to call us POOR BLACK BABOONS (anyani okuda inu-amphawi achabe chabe).

Not only were his employees treated harshly by him and he was as well mprovising them by prostracating their salaries for no apparent reasons.(Records are still there for your appreciation).

It beats me up today, why he was granted permit to stay and trade in Malawi. What were the reasons for granting a permit to such a tyrant and racist man. And for God’s sake who was the minister then?

After his deportation to India. The man leveled a strong campaign of calumny against the government of Malawi to discredit it’s sovereign integrity and dignity as a Republic Nation. He went further in trying to disturb,distort the good bilateral relation between Malawi and India to no avail.

This Chandrashekhar More guy went far ahead with his evil hallucinations by sharing and promoting propaganda to different India based importers of pigeon peas (Nandolo)to entice them to stop any trade with Malawian based exporters of agricultural products. That’s how devilish he is.

Am extremely shocked with disgust that the High Commission of India is torelating this man by hosting his based Indian Lawyer who is in the country to fight a legal battle on behalf of this pure racist man. The lawyer wants this man’s deportation to be revoked and be allowed to come back to Malawi. A country that he has tried so had to damage it’s reputation with no remorse. The man who has no respect for indigenous people. No.Never.

Your Excellency Anurag Bhushan.

With due diligence and respect to your office. We bona fide citizens of Malawi we can not allow this MAD AND RACIST MAN TO LIVE IN MALAWI. Mind you,India and Malawi thus far has had a good relationship,very fruitful in all areas. Please don’t allow that good and perfect reputation to be destroyed by a RACIST FUGITIVE AND A PERSON OF NON-GRATA. Malawian authorities don’t intervene or involve themselves in legal matters in India where;currently we have so many Malawians in your prisons/appearing in the court for various charges. Why do you want to involve yourself in this matter? Mr High Commissioner. Be advised and take caution.
To make It worse the self imposed lawyer of his: Mr Neelkanth Dnyaneshwar Aher is not even a recognized,approved and officially registered barrister in the United Kingdom.
Why should he take chance to stand in our courts before well learned and worldwide recognized and honoured judges?

The two responsible ministers aforementioned,

With due diligence. This man insulted our pride as a nation. Malawi is the warm heart of Africa. But that should not be taken for granted by big headed individuals like This man. We are not poverty stricken monkeys neither are we slaves to anyone. This man must stay put in India and do his nasty things there. We request your keen attention and leadership decision on this matter.

To further note. The man claims he has invested in Malawi, properties worth billions of dollars. Like seriously where,how,What and when? Where exactly did he get the money from to invest in Malawi? How did he bring the money here? Which bank.

He further boasted that he will destroy any mutual understanding between the Exim bank of India and Malawi. This man is deluded. He thinks highly of himself.

He has not even paid any tambala towards the Money he owes Malawi.

Lastly, I speak to the Leaders of Asian Business Community.

We appreciate your several efforts,support and developments contributions you are rendering to the nation in so many respective areas.

Some of you,are bona fide citizens of Malawi and others as citizens by choice etc…

Therefore, we appeal to you all to tame your members to learn to respect and treat their workers,locals and others correctly and appropriately. And pay them decent wages and salaries on time.

Don’t allow this man to continue making the whole Asian Business Community to look bad. These are people that make all Indians in Malawi to appear as RACISTS!.

We need to hear from you distancing yourselves from him otherwise we will conclude you are happy with his shoddy and racist character.

Signed,Sealed and Delivered by Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe of Nazombe Village T/A Kapeni Blantyre.

Yamikani Kachingwe

Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe is a Malawian with great interest in current affairs, news and storytelling. Over the years, he has established himself as a a great source of news, a private investigator of issues and whistle blower using various social media platforms.